Panel (St. Andrews, 4 July 2014)

The first half of this 2-session panel focused on the first half of the 20th century and addressed a paradigmatic category of agricultural experiments, the field trials with crops and horticultural products. It examined the scientific status of these experiments, the role played by statistics in their design and analysis, the convergence of scientific practices, economic interests and consumers’ satisfaction in the experiments on the low temperature conservation of fruits and crops.

The concluding commentary of the first session reflected upon the issues raised by the papers and readdressed them towards animal experimentation, thus introducing the themes of the second session.

Giuditta Parolini (Technical University Berlin and Berlin Center for the History of Knowledge)
Gregory Radick (University of Leeds, UK)
Dominic Berry (University of Leeds, UK)
Angela Cassidy (King's College London, UK)
Miguel Garcia-Sancho (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Andrew Gardiner (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Giuditta Parolini (TU Berlin and WG-B, DE)
Paul Smith (University College London, UK)
Jonathan Harwood (University of Manchester emeritus, UK)
Audio registrations of presentations and commentary:

Roundtable Discussion (Montpellier, 11 July 2013)

This session brought together plant scientists, philosophers and historians to identify and discuss past and current contributions of plant science to biology, reflect on the reasons for the relative lack of visibility of these contributions, explore ways to deepen current understandings of the role of plant science in biology, and encourage public and scholarly interest in plants. The session featured short addresses by panel members and an open discussion with participation of other ISHPSSB members.
Organiser and chair:
Sabina Leonelli, University of Exeter
Jean-Francois Briat (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, FR)
Berris Charnley (Griffith Law School, USA)
Bertrand Muller (Institut de Biologie Intégrative des Plantes, FR)
Staffan Müller-Wille (University of Exeter, UK)
Francisco Vergara-Silva (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, MEX)
Betty Smocovitis (University of Florida, USA)
Selim Louafi (International Center for Agricultural Research for Development, FR)